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Floral Design by Renata - Tank Top

Floral Design by Renata - Tank Top

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This Floral Design by Renata was designed for Indigenous Nations Apparel Company. @ArtbyRenataMeconse on Instagram and Facebook.

Renata Meconse is an Anishinaabe artist living in Treaty Territory No.1 - Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a proud mother of three children and her community is Pinaymootang First Nation in Treaty No. 2. 

Throughout her life, Renata has loved the arts in its many forms including visual, theatre, and music. The visual artwork she has done has been primarily to fulfill her joy of painting and creativity. She has found creativity to be therapeutic and limitless in the ways you can express yourself. Renata's artwork is inspired by the beautiful things in nature like flowers and the diverse art forms you can find in First Nations culture and clothing.

As an artist, she continues to develop herself and ways to share her art. Most recently she has worked on graphic art and woodwork.


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